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You deserve to have your children - let us protect your custody rights

While everyone hopes their divorces can be painless, sometimes your spouse isn't willing to let go. We're here to help protect you and let you keep the most important part of your life, your children.


The laws surrounding child custody and access can be complex. We can help you navigate through the process with our knowledge and experience.


 •  Sole or joint custody                         •  Grandparent rights

 •  Paternity counseling                         •  Adoption Law

 •  Visitation rights                                 •  Child custody


You need someone that can stand up for you through the pressure and help you get what is best for your children.

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Come to the lawyers that will treat you with care and respect. When you come to us you'll be treated as more than a paycheck.

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Uncompromising strength and advocacy

We believe these matters should be handled quickly, painlessly, and economically