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We can help you get the right spousal and child support for your situation

Child support is set according to guidelines that outline the amount of support a parent will pay or receive. They consider income, as well as expenses and family situations. We can help you ensure that your children are well taken care of after a divorce.


Let us help you fight for the appropriate amount of support for your children, so that they never have to go through life needing more.


 •  Child support orders

 •  Add-ons to child support such as medical, dental, child care, and education

 •  College expenses


There are complex factors that make up child support guidelines. You need an experienced attorney to help you knowledgeably navigate these guidelines.

Divorce can be an expensive endeavor and it takes a toll on the whole family, not just the children. Sometimes spouses need financial support afterwards as well. We can help you fight for what is fairly due to you.

Spousal support

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We will help you ensure that you and your children are well cared for in the aftermath of divorce.

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